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The first thing that most people notice about Makita is that she's small, or possibly that she wears a ridiculously oversized fur hat with a shiny red star in the center of it. The hat is a souvenir from the fighting back home; the size is partly due to being naturally small, but mostly due to not eating enough. Her undernourished state is not something that everyone will notice since the oversized coat she wears does a pretty good job of covering just how skinny she is, but no coat yet invented could do much to cover her height.

There's something about Makita that is perhaps a bit unsettling. Some people will notice that her eyes are older than they should be, as if they had seen too much for someone so young. Some people will notice that her movements are carefully controlled: she moves with the precision of someone who's life depends on not making mistakes. A lot of people will probably notice that she's unusually well-armed for a teenager. She carries a number of pistols and grenades and quite a bit of ammo wherever she goes, and she doesn't think to conceal any of it.

Makita's generally willing to talk about the war back home. The Red Fleet opened the invasion of Bahamut with a near-constant bombardment of the city. Within six weeks the casualties had exceeded 100,000 dead. As more and more people die in the war, the combatants get younger and younger. By now Makita's combat unit is made up entirely by teenagers because there aren't enough adults left.

Makita is from The Red Star, and is the property of Christian Gossett of Archangel Studios. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made by me. Hopefully the people behind The Red Star are making a profit because they richly deserve it.

Makita is played by [info]rushin_doll who keeps the hours of a late-sleeping GMT or early-sleeping EST person and can be reached on AIM at arushindoll

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